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The Danish UNESCO secretariat

The Secretariat supports the Danish UNESCO National Commission and coordinates the efforts of the Danish ministries involved in UNESCO. The UNESCO Secretariat provides information and invites interested parties to join the dialogue on how to be involved in UNESCO.

The secretariat is hosted by the Danish Ministry of Children and Education. 


Danish Ministry of Children and Education
Frederiksholms Kanal 21
1220 Copenhagen K
+45 3392 5000

Kanita Aref
Head of section
+45 2136 0918


Permanent Delegation of Denmark at UNESCO headquarters

UNESCO provides Denmark with a platform for cooperation with the governments of other countries on issues of global importance to ensure that we move in the same direction. We wish to strengthen the interaction between the UNESCO-related work carried out in Denmark and expand Denmark’s contribution to and influence on UNESCO’s global work.

To support this endeavor, Denmark has a permanent delegation based at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris, which plays an important role in the multilateral cooperation and in safeguarding the interests of Denmark.


Permanent Delegation of Denmark to UNESCO:

Délégation Permanente du Danemark auprès de l'UNESCO

1, rue Miollis
75732 Paris Cedex 15

Carsten Staur

Carsten Staur 
Ambassador and Permanent Delegate

Malene Mansour Nielsen

Malene Mansour Nielsen
Deputy Permanent Delegate

Ayoub Lakhsassi

Ayoub Lakhsassi
Senior Adviser

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