Hop til indhold

The Danish National Commission wishes to strengthen the interaction between the UNESCO-related work carried out in Denmark and Denmark’s contribution to UNESCO’s global work.

We believe that what we do in Denmark is worth sharing with other nations and that Denmark has much to gain from interacting with the world around us. There is a need for UNESCO in Denmark and Denmark in UNESCO.

Multilateral cooperation

The Danish UNESCO-related work must be seen in the context of a number of other international cooperation forums. The cooperation with the Nordic countries remains important and holds a great potential for sharing knowledge and experience and for coordinating and finding common ground on specific issues.

Young people are agents of change

The Danish National Commission for UNESCO recognizes young people as change makers who can deliver solid action in favor of sustainable development. Young people should systematically be involved whenever the National Commission is prioritizing future actions.

Strategic priorities

In the period 2019-2022, the Danish National Commission for UNESCO will focus on five strategic priorities:

  1. Partnerships for the future
  2. Quality education and global citizenship
  3. Freedom of expression and knowledge create democracy
  4. World Heritage and local communities in development
  5. Gender equality and social inclusion are cross-cutting
Sidst opdateret: 22. september 2022