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UNESCO Denmark strives to promote core values such as education for all, freedom of speech, democracy, protection of cultural heritage, and equality in order to make these values shape the everyday lives of all people. The United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals form the basis of UNESCO Denmark’s vision and endeavors.

New forms of cultural and political intolerance, rejection of scientific facts and a rise in violations of freedom of speech cause unacceptable conditions for people worldwide. UNESCO is the global UN organization that authorizes international values and standards and functions as a compass for values we share. We believe that what we do in Denmark is worth sharing with other nations and that Denmark has much to gain from interacting with the world around us. There is a need for UNESCO in Denmark and Denmark in UNESCO.

You will find UNESCO all over Denmark - World Heritage Sites, Learning Cities, Global Geoparks, Biosphere areas, UNESCO-schools and much more. The UNESCO-label creates proudness, partnerships, local engagement and brings value to municipalities, local communities, schools, academic communities and businesses. More people should take part in UNESCO and utilize the unexploited potentials. UNESCO Denmark ties together the fields of education, science and culture and gathers all partners in one big UNESCO-family. Do you want to join in?

Sidst opdateret: 22. september 2022